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luna maya bersama aril

Luna Maya, video,  Ariel Peterpan, Luna, YouTube, Indonesian,  Hot Video, Luna began her career as a model. He went into the role in 2004 through the film 30 Days Seeking Love. In the film, Luna role as Barbara, a beautiful and sexy girl who becomes a man's dream. This is the first role of Luna as a villain. Success plays Barbara, Luna was again involved in the film Brownies in 2005. In the film director Hanung Bramantyo, Luna get a small role. Luna's first role as the main character is as Mina in Ward 13 in the same year. The name Luna getting bounced in the entertainment universe Indonesia, after he plays the movie Cinta Silver and rumored to relate in love with Ariel, Peterpan band vocalist. After the wedding of Ariel, not to mention Luna reportedly close to other people. During his career, Luna has starred in several films, such as Brownies, Love Silver, Room, Ward 13, Jakarta Undercover, 30-Day Finding Love, Message From Heaven and many more. Some soap operas which he starred, among others, And You and I, There's Love, Secret, Anggun, Light of Heaven, Sujudku, Yasmin, Goddess and that aired on TV Subscriptions Astro End of Love. Luna, also starred in several advertising products such as Lux, Zestea, Sarimie, Vitalong C, XL, and Mrs. Cream Detergent. A series of achievements by Luna make it selected as one of the torchbearers in the Olympics 2008. Not only the world of role models and they work by Luna. Together Sandra and Sandra Dewi, Luna also contributed his voice in the Euro 2008 theme song titled Play.

Realizing that his career in the entertainment world can not be relied upon forever, Luna began to study business. He opened a boutique named LM For Hardware in Bandung and Jakarta. More recently, launching Luna Lounge / Cafe named Envy in Bandung. Although time buffeted by bad news, because his name dicatut on one porn site in early 2009, Luna was not discouraged. Instead, he increasingly expanded his career by becoming the presenter of music events with Olga Syahputra Strikes and Raffi Ahmad Luna is further strengthened its position as the biggest-selling artist to date.

After his collaboration with Sandra and Sandra Dewi, Luna returned to the collaboration, this time with Dide, vocalist of the band Green Day. They were singing voice (I hope) that belongs to Green Day re-arranged version of dangdut. This song became the soundtrack to the latest movie Luna, Janda Kembang. Then Luna also contributed to religious song entitled Towards SurgaMu Alam Urbach's work that in fact a non-Muslim. Additionally, Luna is also expanded in the field of directing by directing an indie short film titled Sacred And The City, video clips latest single singer Nadia (Dhea Ananda) titled "You're Not Faithful" in which Luna is also acting as producer for his new album, and video clips from a new band called My Name Band

Popularity Luna Luna is further proven when creating an account today's most popular website Twitter. In just a short time, Luna has collected more than a hundred thousand followers. Even still growing even though the account has been closed since last december. Luna was recently awarded the 'Special Mention' for the short film directed 'Sacred And The City' in awarding LA Lights Indie Movie Night. Unfortunately, Luna achievements are not appreciated properly by the perpetrators of infotainment. Unwise attitude of the offender back infotainment presented upon reading Panasonic Award nominations in 2010 (18/2/2010). When Luna's name was read as a nominee for the category "Favorite Actress" and "Presenter Favorite Music Variety Show", some reporters even removing inappropriate ridicule. It is truly ironic when the very party infotainment already issued a statement of peace to Luna on the same day.

In addition to routine still bring the show Strikes, Luna set by Indonesia's Showbiz Insiders as "# 1 Highest Paid TV Star 2009", Dude Herlino shifting positions, and "# 3 Highest Paid Actress 2009", is currently undergoing preparation for filming his latest movie. In the film genre comedy / action, along with Poppy Luna Sofia and Tyas Mirasih will display their prowess in martial arts. Luna Maya, video,  Ariel Peterpan, Luna, YouTube, Indonesian,  Hot Video

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